Overstock Introduces New Designer Store

The online warehouse store, Overstock.com  Overstock Introduces New Designer Store, recently launched an new section of the site featuring shoes, sunglasses, apparel, and handbags from big designers like Armani, Prada, Gucci , etc.  While an online designer stores is nothing new (hello, Bluefly Overstock Introduces New Designer Store), Overstock Overstock Introduces New Designer Store arguably has the best prices on the net and you can almost always find a coupon to use on the site.  Personally, I’ve made several, designer purchases from Overstock, including a very pricey Movado watch for Tobias that cost over 60% less than the retail price. Tobias loves that watch more than Star Trek the Next Generation.

Need more reasons to shop the store?  Here’s three good ones::
- They have good stuff. They have a big selection of named designers at good prices. Don’t visit the store expecting CHEAP bags, but can expect to save around 40-60% off retail price.
- 100% authenticity guarantee. Overstock guarantees that the items sold via their online stores are 100% authentic
- There are Coupons. You can use Overstock Overstock Introduces New Designer Store coupons for additional savings on the item. 

Shop Overstock’s Designer Store