Oversized “Ethnic” Necklaces: Trend for Less

Last year about this time, we noticed statement jewelry, aka super big, necklaces – as a top trend (some were so big, it was hard not to notice, which, we guess, was kind of the point). But we were careful to warn against overshadowing the rest of your outfit and yourself with a necklace that was just too big. But it seems that bigger could be better these days, especially when it comes to oversized “ethnic” necklaces. We still suggest that you don’t follow in the tiny footsteps of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and bury yourself in clothes and accessories that dwarf your body.

By “oversized” and “ethnic”, we mean thick, chunky, wooden beads, brass accents, bold colors- basically a necklace that WASPy sistas like Bree from “Desperate Housewives” wouldn’t be caught wearing in a million years (large wooden beads don’t really match your Lily Pultizer tennis dress). The key to wearing the trend? Keep everything you wear simple. VERY simple. Skip the earrings and bracelets, the necklace IS the statement piece.

How to get the trend for less:

Dark Brown Fashion Jungle Necklace, $25, from Paula Karen

Oversized Funky Animal Print Heart Love Chain Long Necklace Set, $16.50, from TigerStars.com (Pictured)

Cathedral Necklace, $33, from Chico’s

Wood and jasper necklace with large stone pendant, $20 at Etsy

BKE Oversized Teardrop Necklace, $7, from Buckle

Oversized Pearl Necklace with Jade Pendant, $79, from Grandin Road

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  1. EmilyKennedy says

    I would add, keeping everything else simple is a good idea, but that should not be read as “wear all black” or “wear khaki bottoms and a white button-down.”

    This type of jewelry looks DIVINE on women with earth or fall coloring, and as such looks great with dark reds, teals, browns, oranges, plums, etc.  Keep away from patterns, but definitely wear beautiful colored clothing with bold statement jewelry.

  2. says

    I completely agree with “Keep everything you wear simple. VERY simple.” right down to the colors- I just keep it plain and simple and I especially love to wear high impact pieces with simple white clothes, for a beachy feel.

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