Support The Fight Against Ovarian Cancer AND Receive a Free Razr

For those of us who need a new cell phone

Noting teal as the color of ovarian cancer awareness and support, L’Oreal Paris will also be giving away FREE*, limited edition, Teal-colored Motorola RAZR phones.  For every new purchase of a T-Mobile voice activation plan, individuals can receive a FREE Teal RAZR phone (with $99 mail-in rebate).  For every Teal RAZR phone given away, L’Oreal Paris will donate $10 to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF).  To receive a free Teal Motorola RAZR phone, visit the L’Oreal Paris web site to receive a code to order the limited edition phone.

*Phone is free with $99 mail-in rebate and the purchase of a new T-Mobile voice activation plan.

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  1. says

    This week, when you buy a pink Nintendo DS Lite, Target and Nintendo will donate 100% of the profits to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation!

  2. Jocelin says

    i really really really like the teal razr and i would love to help support the fight against ovarian cancer, so when the phone is available PLEASE contact me!

  3. Hailey says

    I love this cute phone and I would love to support the cause but I go through cingular any way I can still recive the phone??

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