Quick Tips for Outlet Mall Shopping

4. Shop During the Week. Outlet Malls can be a mad house on the weekends and quite messy, so the best time to shop is during the week (Monday-Thursday) and in the mornings if possible.

5. Check the Label. Some outlets feature clothes, called private labels, specially made for the outlets.It has been reported that over 70% of the items stocked in the Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet are made just for the outlet store. These items are NOT the same items as sold in the main stores and sometimes can be of lesser quality. A quick way to spot these items is to look at the label- if it says “factory outlet”, is glued, rather than properly sewn on and/or if the label different than the label of items sold in the stores, then it is probably an outlet store private label. Some outlet stores ONLY carry items specially made for the outlet stores (ex. Anne Taylor Factory Outlet). So if you like to shop at these stores, go in there knowing that you’re not getting the same items sold in stores, so the “deal” may not really be a “deal”

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