Women’s Coats For Under $50

Summer dressing on an extreme budget is soooo much easier—breezy skirts, shorts, tank tops, sandals for less? It’s a no brainer. But now that it’s fall—and our budgets are getting tighter than we’d ever imagined—many of us are also in the position of having to suit up against the cold that’s to come. If you have a decent coat from last year (or the year before), there are ways to update or make it look a little fresher for the season (check out The Budget Fashionista’s tips for Updating a Winter Coat); however, if you really just need a new coat, you should know you can get one without spending a fortune. We’ve picked a few we like for under $50 (seriously!):

AB Studio Ponte Coat, on sale $35.60, Kohl’s

Adine Plaid Coat, $37.80, Forever21

Merona Hooded Puffer Jacket, $39.99, Target

Sasha Funnel Coat, on sale $39.99, Delia’s

Herringbone Cape, on sale $49.99, Chadwick’s

Reversable Knee-Length Coat, $49, Newport News

Not pictured: Mossimo 3/4 Sleeve Wool Coat, $39.99, Target