Outdoor Decor Under $20: The Look for Less



Summertime is the most casual and laidback season of all. It’s also a time when you tend to socialize more often, with backyard barbecues as the most common type of get-together. We think now is the perfect opportunity to find ways to make your home more welcoming through some carefully chosen outdoor décor pieces. Below are some finds that will make you quite the thoughtful host.

A welcome mat at your front door instantly makes guests feel, well, welcome. This doormat ($19.99, pictured above) from Pottery Barn is made of coconut husk for durability, and its palm leaf design is very appropriate for summer.


Potted plants and flowers are bright and cheery indoors or out. Their cheeriness is only accentuated when paired with equally cute pots. These terra cotta pots ($5.59 each) painted with a fun dot motif are from World Market.


Outdoor pillows are a great way to add comfort to your outdoor space, and Crate and Barrel has these modern Terra June Flowers pillows ($19.95) that are weather-resistant and waterproof.


These quirky and brightly-colored seat pads ($2.99 each) from Ikea are suited for smaller metal garden chairs. They come in a variety of color choices, and can be used for indoor as well as outdoor seating.


Creating a festive vibe outdoors can be as easy as stringing up some lanterns. These square-shaped lanterns ($12.99) from PartyAmerica.com come in hot summer colors such as pink, orange, blue, purple and lime green.

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  1. Susan Juster says

    The way that I make coffee is a crime: this coffee maker is definitely necessary to my Life and Well-Being!

  2. VegPunk says

    A friend of mine has this machine…It makes the perfect coffee, crema and all. I would love to have one of these! Its perfect if you are the only one in your house that drinks coffee (they have tea pods too!) because you do not wase a whole pot, and if you have several people,  everyone can have their own flavor/strength.

  3. Elaine Case says

    Yes, a new Jetson-like coffee maker is one of my many dream items.  My French press is getting tired!

  4. Coryell says

    This coffee maker is amazing! One of my friends has one and it is just the best idea ever.  Can’t wait to have my own!

  5. Natalie says

    It makes tea too!?!
    This little machine seems so awesome, especially since we don’t drink tons of coffee, nothing would go to waste! And we always drink tea!

  6. Lindsey says

    Definitely need this…I waste incredibly too much coffee in the morning with my gigantic 8 cup coffee maker.

  7. Virginia says

    Wow this is fabulous!! We are always drinking coffee and everyone wants a differt flavor – I love it!!! Gotta have it!!! Please!!!!!!!

  8. Sara Lee says

    I’ve just found this site, and as a incoming college student this fall, this coffee maker sounds wonderful!

  9. Connie says

    I can see it now…… a beautiful, sleek black coffee machine on a pristine white counter top. Now don’t you want to live in my world!!!

  10. Sheila Fruman says

    This would be perfect for me!  I only drink one cup of coffee, and don’t like to go to the hassle of making more for just me!  This would solve my problem, as I do love a good cup of coffee!

  11. Kristi L. Mosac says

    I would LOVE this!  My hubby doesn’t drink coffee, so it’s never fun to make it for just one.  Even after getting a french press, it’s usually just too much of a hassle to make it. <crossing fingers>

  12. Tessa says

    What a dream come true this would be for busy weekday mornings before work, and weekend mornings before play! :)

  13. Nuna Alberts says

    This coffeemaker would save me $$$ on crummy deli coffee, and who doesn’t need that right now!

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