Our Resolutions for Green Living for 2010

Our Resolutions for Green Living for 2010

A New Year is upon us…which means, of course, time for resolutions. We’ve put a lot of thought into our lovely Earth this past year, and how making changes to our lifestyles can have a grander effect on the Earth’s health, our budget, and the simplicity of life that comes as a result.

When thinking about what resolutions we’d like to make for 2010, we focused on the areas of food, electricity, water conservation, limiting over-consumption and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. With that…

The Budget Ecoist’s Resolutions for Green Living in 2010:

1. Go vegetarian 1 day a week. Let Meatless Mondays be the inspiration.
2. Weekly shopping at the Farmer’s Market. All that good, fresh food is bound to make a difference on our waistlines as well (another popular resolution…)
3. Compost everything possible. I bet we can get down to putting out the trash every other week!
4. Ecelctic shopping – buying recycled is not only good for the environment, it’s becoming all the rage. Other types of shopping that help the environment: buying straight from the maker, Etsy.com for example; and haunting flea markets, second-hand and antique shops for steals.
5. Work with our utility company to do an energy audit of our house and make suggested adjustments (the ones we can afford!) to lower the electricity and gas bills.
6. Time to invest in a rain barrel!
7. Limit mileage on the car. Possible solutions: ridesharing, public transit, getting out for some excercise via walking or bicycling, or arranging a work at day home with your boss.
8. Set up an electric thermostat and program it to 68 degrees while at home, and 60 degrees when away.
9. Take advantage of stimulus monies to replace any old appliances. Get a good deal, and an Energy-star rated product to boot!
10. Finally…get rid of all that useless junk mail!! We don’t need it, and it’s just a waste. Green Dimes can help.

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