Ouchless Flex Goody Headband: Product Review

What: Angela accessorizes with an Ouchlessflex Goody headband.

The Lowdown: Upon receiving the aforementioned headband, I was kind of stumped. I mean, I know the purpose of a headband, and I know how to wear one, but how do you review one? If it stays on the head and looks cute, it’s all good. This could be a very short piece indeed.

So here it goes—this Goody headband stayed on my head and looks cute. But there is actually more. I have to admit, having a kind of narrow head (I know, it’s one of those sorely under-recognized afflictions) headbands really don’t fit me all that well in general.The design of this one, however, kept it snuggly in place, without pinching or rubbing. Which actually makes me really happy; with my short hair, headbands should be a great way to mix it up a little, but finding one that fits me right has been an issue. Not any more.

My only complaint? This particular Goody headband only comes in black, gray and tortoiseshell—which are versatile options, but not super fun.

The Verdict: Yea. Cute, functional, and inexpensive.

Buy It: Walgreens, $4.99

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  1. Amy says

    The hairband fits really well and doesn’t pinch my head! I can wear it all day comfortably! (Which I can’t do with any other headbands!)

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