Oscar Fashion Wrap Up: Elvira Would Be Proud

Credit: Donato Sardella/Style.com

It appears that the Goth kids at my high school were fashion visionaries. Everyone at the Oscars seemed to be channeling Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, with black dresses and smoky make-up on everyone from Salma Hayek to Kirsten Durst. It seemed like the most colorful thing at the Oscar’s was Chris Rock’s language. There was some who dared to wear color (Charlize, Renee, and Kate & Cate (Winslet and Blanchette), but for the most part the dresses were so boring that I think Cher’s butt cheeks would have been a welcome respite from the Black Sea. Some of the dresses were so boring, I doubt ABS by Allen Schwartz will try to knock them off.

Hollywood has always been slightly “off” (hello, “the Aviator”) and that is why we love them.  They are sort of like your deranged second cousins (the ones with the bad kids) that you visit only on your own terms. You would probably shoot yourself if you had to deal with them everyday, but man, they sure are entertaining.  Now, it seems that the deranged cousins got some therapy and now are as boring as you. Oh well, at least we still have the Grammys.

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