Three Ways to Organize in 5 minutes: DIY

Here are three quick and cheap free ways to organize your home. These tips have been used in our own home and really help reign in clutter. Also, before you start organizing, watch where the clutter collects and meet the clutter where it is. Odds are if you are throwing your coat by the front door, putting a coat hook by the back door isn’t going to make it easier for you to hang up your coat. Watch where you tend to throw your mail, keys and change and then place a box, basket, or other organizer there to catch and collect the clutter. For six months we tried to keep our hair products under the counter, with no success. Then (see tip 2) we devised a creative and attractive way to catch the clutter, and it is now a lot easier to keep the bathroom clean.

Organize in 5 Minutes – DIY

1. Recover shoe boxes. We did this for our home office, for photo and extra pen and notebook storage. This is a great way to organize craft supplies or tiny toys. The DIY network has a great how-to for easily covering your boxes .
2. So Christmas is over and what are you going to do with all of those chargers? We like using ours as a gathering place for lotions and hair products. It’s a great way to organize necessary clutter. Now all we need is prettier hair product containers.
3. What are you doing with all of those Girl Scout cookie boxes? We cut ours down to size to organize our make-up drawer. Cereal and cracker boxes are also great boxes to use. Remember: Recycle the leftover cardboard.

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