Organization for Small Spaces Under $30: The Look for Less

Finding room and staying organized in a tight space is a huge challenge, and it requires some extra creativity to make everything fit just right. That’s why we love, which offers a wide range of items for small living spaces, because they do a lot of the thinking for you. We rounded up a few of our favorite organizational accessories under $30 to help you get your home in order that can work in any home of any size.

This toilet paper holder helps you both stash and store your toilet paper in a bathroom where all the valuable space is taken up with more important things. Also, it’s only $9.95.


This 12-inch by 10-inch by 6 ½-inch under-shelf basket ($12.95, pictured above) is genius! It can hang from virtually any 1-inch thick surface for easy-access extra storage. Its fine mesh also keeps small items from falling out.

If you’ve ever wondered how you were going to store the many different handbags you use every day, then this handbag holder ($29.95) is perfect for you. Made of a 100-percent cotton fabric with a lively design, its seven loops can hold up to 21 bags.

Is your closet overflowing? This handy hanger holder ($8.95) can be easily mounted anywhere you need it. It’s also great for those who like to pick their outfits for the week ahead of time.

A magnetic hook rack ($14.95) is a smart idea for storing kitchen utensils when you’ve run out of counter space. Not much of a chef? Use the hook rack as an easy-to-find place for your keys instead.

This shower curtain ($19.95) is ideal for small bathrooms. With seven white mesh pockets, you can store all the things you can’t fit in your shower, on the counter or in the medicine cabinet. The fact that it’s clear makes it twice as nice because it opens up the space.

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  1. Lyz says

    I found brats at Aldi the other day that were $1.99 for a pack of 5! I cooked them up like sausages (because they were cheaper) and everyone LOOOVED it.

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