Organic Super Sash Skirt: Organic Fashion

Usually when I hear about a clothing item that can serve multiple purposes, I’m not impressed—a rectangular piece of fabric does not count as a tie skirt/sari wrap/clever headpiece all in one. It just doesn’t, no matter how hard we want to believe.

But then, this little dress (or is it a skirt?) stepped into my life . . . what I love:

* 96% organic cotton and 4% lycra (just enough for that lovely, stretchy goodness)

* The style,  the halter dress is perfect for spring and the skirt hangs nicely with a tank and thongs for summer. This piece of fabric really does convert!

* Purchasing this dress means you are supporting the cooperative of seamstresses who made it, economically-disadvantaged and disabled women from southern India.

* The Hunger Site will fund 50 cups of food for every organic super sash skirt sold!

Buy it: Get the organic super sash skirt online at The Hunger Site for only $32.

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