Organic Gardening: Reader Tips

We love our garden and we work hard (really hard!) to keep it organic.  As an avid-lover of roses we’re constantly disturbed by two funguses that seem to plague our beautiful buds: blackspot (evidenced by circular black spots that appear on the plant’s leaves) and powdery mildew (white powdery masses on the leaf, stem, and bud, distorting and stunting them).

The Budget Ecoist found a great solution from the Master Gardeners, a non toxic spray made from water, Volck Oil, and Arm and Hammer Baking Soda.

The recipe:  to each gallon of water add 3-4 tsp. Volck Oil and 3-4 tsp. baking soda, mix well. Use a fine spray and apply to affected plants.

So Reader, our question for you: what tips might you share that you use to improve your garden, naturally? How can other gardeners, like ourselves, prevent having to spend tons of money on various products that may or may not work?

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