Organic Food for Less: Budget Food Tip

It’s Earth Day, so we are giving you some tips on how to make your home earth-friendly for less. One way to do this is to buy locally grown organic food. Buying organic food can be a little pricey. But, hopefully, with these tips we can show you some ways to make it feasible for your budget.

1. Food Co-ops: Food co-ops help you connect up with local farmers, so you can buy everything from meat to veggies straight from the growers. And the best part is, being a part of a co-op saves you money in the long run. Calculate what it costs per week for your fresh produce and compare that with the cost of a share in a co-op (which can start at $30) and you’ll see instant savings. Go to the Local Harvest site to find a co-op in your area.

2. CSAs: Buy a share in a CSA, or community supported agricultural share. Run through your local co-op, these shares allow you pay a flat fee for a share of a local farms produce for the entire spring and summer. Shares can start at $30, check out your local co-op for more details.

3. Farmer’s Market: With the rising cost of fuel, your local farmer’s market is fast becoming a budget and earth friendly alternative to the grocery store. It also helps you support local businesses and cuts down on fuel emissions you’re your car and from the trucks that haul in your grocery store produce from distant states. Contact your city or check out to find a market in your area.

4. Prioritize: Not everyone can afford to buy everything organic, so prioritize. Focus on what is available cheaply in your area. Ask your local grocery store if they can bring in more locally grown produce (most are willing if you just ask) and buy what you can and ease into it.

5. Grow your own: It is as simple as potting some herbs or buying a tomato plant. Growing your own vegetables can be done in the city or in the country, in your backyard or in containers on your porch. It is easy and can save you money. Buy your seeds from Seeds of Change.

6. Check online: Green People has some great links and ways to buy organic on the cheap, check it out.

Also, visit this ABC news article for more tips on organic food shopping. Share your tips with us in the comments!

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