Around the Way: Organic Fashion, In-Grown Hair Help, Blogs for Bambinos, and More


The Budget Fashionista links you to the latest tips and trends from our family of budget blogs:
From The Budget Ecoist:
~ You can be eco-friendly and fashionable, with this Organic Sash Skirt (view post here)
~ Community Supported Agriculture: stay healthy and do good! (view post here)

From See Jack Shop:
~ What to do about in-grown hairs? Jack knows, and shares the wealth (view post here)
~ Know a guy who needs a little style support? Send him to the new Help! feature at See Jack Shop (view post here)

From The Budget Bambino:
~ Is your bambino a budding blogger? Some tips from the blogging front (view post here)
~ The lowdown on getting great kid style at (view post here)

From The Budget Casa:
~ Benches for under $100 equals great home style for less (view post here)
~ Gorgeous chenille pillows for under two bucks? The Budget Casa found ‘em (view post here)

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  1. Shoeshopping Goddess says

    ok I’m going to show my age here.  This is not a new concept.  Materials changed but the concept is not new.  Ages ago there was a clothing line that converted into everything under the sun. You could take a tube and make it a jumpsuit or a skirt with leggings. Crazy didn’t last long.  Doesnt anyone remember this?

  2. emphatica says

    It was called Units. All the items were stored in the store in little white cubes.
    The “infinity” dress of the seventies is sort of simmilar to the dress shown above.  American apparel makes a couple of super versitile dresses akin to it too.

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