Organic Chocolate: Organic Food

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, ALTER ECO Fair Trade has a new line of organic gourmet chocolates. While chocolate is one of the most quintessential gifts for this holiday, many don’t realize that the conventional production of cocoa involves labor exploitation, unfair wages and the use of toxic pesticides. By purchasing Fair Trade and Organic, you can make an impact that breaks the conventional means of production and empowers the livelihood of others and their environment.

The new line of 100%-natural chocolates includes Dark Blackout Chocolate, Dark Cacao Chocolate, Dark Mint Chocolate, Dark Twist Chocolate, and Milk Hazelnut Chocolate. The chocolates are free of gluten, soy, GMOs, emulsifiers, artificial flavors, and sweeteners. In addition, they are 100% Fair Trade certified, cultivated using sustainable farming methods that preserve the local agriculture biodiversity.

The 3.5-oz bars retail for about $4.29, and are available at Whole Foods, Wegman’s, local Food Co-ops, Earth Fare, and Yes Organic Market.

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