Oprah Opens Boutique

Who: Oprah (do I really need to explain any more?)

What: Opening a boutique to sell Oprah branded items and other stuff, right across from her Chicago studio.

What the fashion heads say: from StyleDash: “The store will be full of Oprah-logo merchandise such as totes and workout gear that are already for sale online in Oprah’s boutique as well as books in Oprah’s book club and other items Oprah chooses such as such as African baskets and art. The store will also include a small cafe. It seems like this is planned to be just a one-off store but could we perhaps be facing an empire of Oprah stores across the land?”.

Why I say: Not you, too Oprah- joining the celebrity-turned fashion/stuff designer/seller. But, you know what….she’s Oprah and she can do whatever she wants to do. I mean the woman built a school.

Buy it: Online at Oprah.com

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  1. Olga says

    Oh, she has the right to do that. Nice to see her being so successful and expanding her business more and more. Her turning designer/seller was inevitable.

    Have you seen Ocean’s 13? Oprah episode was one of the best in the movie.

  2. Judy says

    I guess this is OK if the profits benefit Oprah’s many charities but this branding of all things Oprah seems a bit overdone.  That said she is undeniably an incredible force in the marketplace and society with all the endorsements that she does…from books to Barack Obama. She is arguably the most powerful woman in the US!

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