Alternatives to eBay? Check Out These Online Auction Sites

Scouring the Web for the best deals is a good idea, especially in this day and age where every penny counts. Independent online boutiques, vintage shops, consignment stores and much more offer prices lower than you may find in the mall, but there’s nothing like an auction! If the opening bid is low, you may get an even better deal. eBay has been the place to go for online auctions for years, and for awhile, we were satisfied.

But what happens when you can’t find what you’re looking for? Until recently, eBay’s monopoly on online auctioning was virtually unchallenged. But several competitors popping up on our budget shopping radars are threatening eBay’s domination…

Bonanzle is growing exponentially—members are fiercely loyal to the community and although they sell everything from electronics to antiques, their clothing, shoes and accessories category is one of the largest on the site.

The best feature on this site is the real time chat feature, which enables buyers and sellers to directly communicate about the item up for bid. We spot purses, tops, shoes and much more from brands like Steve Madden Alternatives to eBay? Check Out These Online Auction Sites and Arden B.

We like the categories on Plunderhere, especially the ones labeled “Under $10”, which is conveniently full of cute bracelets and necklaces up for the auction block. The “clothing and shoes” category is meticulously broken down into women’s shoes, women’s casualwear, women’s workwear, and importantly, women’s plus size.

We could go on with the detailed categories, but we think you should check it out yourself. Since this site hasn’t quite hit the mainstream yet, you’ll be able to purchase items close to their opening bid—does anyone want a $13 dress?

Kitmeout is another under-the-radar alternative auction site, except this one is just for us fashion lovers. We’re not advocating a high dollar purchase of designer goods in this turbulent economy, but if you’re longing for a pair of designer sunglasses or skinny jeans, check out the merchandise here.

I Do Now I Don’t was founded by a man who wanted to sell his engagement ring. This site auctions off rings as well as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The founder explained that the price at which he bought his ex’s engagement ring was marked up—the true value was a lot less. So, you’ll find the jewelry on this website to be true to their value. Whether you’re looking for a gift or just a treat for yourself, check out this site for beautiful, sparkly eye candy.

Did you know isn’t just a simple online shopping site? It also has an extensive auction section. We recently spotted a Coach purse going for 35 bucks with just an hour left in the auction. Hundreds of women’s apparel items all start at reasonable opening bids. The possibility of scoring a designer purse for under $100 or a dress for 20 bucks thrills us—we’re definitely bookmarking this one.

Broadening our online auction horizons can only help our quest in extreme budget shopping. Have a a great style auction site experience to share? Comment below!