Omni Chair Giveaway, Customized Napkins, and More: The Budget Casa


Check out what’s hot over at our blog, The Budget Casa!

—Enter a contest to win a Sumo Omni Chair—there are already over 250 comments, all readers in the running to win this beanbag/chair/bed/couch, worth $149. The drawing takes place on Friday, and you don’t want to miss your chance to win.

—We must’ve used thousands of disposable napkins over the years—they cost lots of money and aren’t good to the environment. But they have pretty designs, right? Well, head to The Budget Casa to learn how to add pretty designs to cloth napkins—save money and the environment. Cloth napkins are great for dinner guests, too.

—End tables cost hundreds of dollars—learn a way to piece together a table using odds and ends you’d never think would go together. You won’t have to worry about anyone having the same furniture as you, since you basically built it!

Want more DIY tips? Head to The Budget Casa!

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