Olsen Twins Launching Affordable Juniors Collection

What: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are certainly no dummies when it comes to making money off of fashion – but so far, they’ve catered to the high end. That’s all about to change, though. In February, the powerful pair will launch a juniors collection called “Olsenboye,” with price points ranging from $20 to $50. Teens and those small enough to fit into the clothes can look forward to skirts, denim, tops and bottoms, handbags, shoes…Olsenboye is a pretty comprehensive line. It will be available exclusively at JC Penney’s. However, you can get a sneak peak in early November when Olsenboye goes on sale at JCP.com and select JC Penney’s stores.

What They Say:

“Mary-Kate and I watch current trends and see our partnership with J.C. Penney as an opportunity to add something unique to the marketplace, especially in the current retail climate,” said Ashley.

What We Say: This is clearly a clever move by the Olsens – we’re surprised it didn’t happen sooner – but we’re not sure how “unique” the outcome will really be. And of course, we wonder how much of the new line is actually “designed” by the Olsens. If nothing, it won’t cost us more than $50 bucks to score some trendy pieces, and we are pretty sure teens will flock to JCPenny’s for these affordable finds.

Are you excited about the line?

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