Look For Less: Olivia Munn

We love how Olivia Munn utilized accessories to add a little punch to her simple dress and how she’s not doing the matchy-matchy thing that many celebs do. We think her outfit has some youthful flair with the mix of colors between the shoes and belt. It’s easy to forget how accessories can make a look more intriguing or fun and that belts aren’t just waist cinchers. They can also be a great color contrasting piece and Olivia’s outfit is a perfect example of that. We also like that she didn’t go for a pair of high 5-inch pumps (try making those high-heels comfortable, we challenge you) in the same color as the belt. Instead she did the complete opposite and opted for a pair of slightly rugged laced up ankle boots in gray. If you think about it Olivia’s accessories are what makes this look more interesting. So, the next outfit you put together, try color contrasting with a belt and don’t be afraid to swap out those dainty pumps for a pair of military style boots.

Get Olivia’s look for less.

1. Magenta Sateen Dress, Bluefly, $99.99 ________ 2. Perforated Strap Belt, Fossil, $34

3. Combat Ankle Boot, endless, $34.99 _________   4. Glitter Tights, Forever21, $7.80

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