Old School is New School: LL Bean and Friends Forge a Comeback

What: Quality is making a comeback as old school items like Levi 501s, LL Bean Duckie Boots, Pendleton plaid coats and Wellies by Hunter emerge as the latest fashion must-haves. Those of you who lost touch with your preppy past, it’s time to break out the LL Bean oxford shirt dresses and Eastlander boat shoes (but please leave the All Net hairspray in the 80s).

From TrendCentral: The low prices, fleeting trends, and poor quality of the fast fashion boom have left some consumers in search of the exact opposite. A renewed interest in quality, comfort, and dependability has led many to the “functional” brands of the past.

Kathryn Says: I totally love this trend because a) these are classic brands that you will have in your closet forever, increasing your cost per wear, b) you can probably find pieces from these brands in your own the closet or the closet of your older sister/mom/grandma/friend, and c) the items are incredibly practical AND comfortable, without looking like moonboots.