Okabashi Reveals New Feel-Good Flip Flops

Photo Credit: Okabashi

What: Okabashi, which specializes in comfortable, everyday, “grandma” shoes, has announced new, ultra-comfy and ultra-cheap flip flops for men and women. Look, if Hush Puppies can become stylish, why can’t these shoes?

What They Say:

“The new 2009 Okabashi Splash and Surf flip flops feature a new, curved heel for fashion and summer fun versatility – accenting everything from beach wear to casual wear – while retaining the uncompromising comfort, support and a massaging feel that customers expect from Okabashi.”

What We Say: Some of us live in flip flops all summer, and even try to get away with wearing them in the winter, so it’s important that a) they feel good and b) they last a long time, or go for real cheap so we can buy lots of them. At $14.99, these Okabashi flip flops may just cover all fronts. Plus, what other flip-flop brand offers a two year warranty.

Have you donned Okabashi shoes before? If so, what’s the verdict?