There are days when our warm beds can get soooo cozy and inviting that we are ready to forget about everything else, even our VIP client meeting at 9 AM sharp today. Come on, it happens to the best of us! Some folks cope with that by looking up inspiring productivity quotes on the Internet. Others look at their vision boards and see their dream Swiss chalets, and then head off grumpily to get dressed. Still, some of us just tend to look for little things to cheer us as we go through the day. One of those little things is a colorful scarf, which can magically brighten even the most drab of work wear. We picked out five of our favorite office scarves on a budget from this week’s sale over at Banana Republic. And as a bonus, when the temp outside has gone south while the office AC dial is set to “hell frozen over”, these office scarves awill quickly become your BBF!

BTW, today is the last day to enjoy up to 35% off online purchases from Banana Republic. Just use the code BRSAVE35 upon checkout to get the discount.

Shop: Banana Republic Brighten up Your Tuesday Work Days with These Gorgeous Office Scarves Under $50