Ocean Minded Shoes: Recycle This

We love it when we can look cool and do good at the same time. It happens so rarely. Perhaps we should stop wearing the “I’m in Love with Mother Earth” tee to bars on the weekends. The activists at Ocean Minded Ocean Minded are super helpful in this endeavor as they craft beautiful, durable and still trendy shoes out of natural and sustainable materials. But first off – they want to save the world.

Ocean Minded was founded under the principal of keeping beaches clean and protecting the earth. They even sponsor surfers who act as ambassadors up and down the California coast. Yes they’re selling shoes, but mostly they’re promoting a responsible, earth first lifestyle. But back to the shoes…

For the ladies, we love the Manhattan which are at home on the beaches where they were tested for comfort and durability and well, in Manhattan. The gents have these super cool Cottons made from hemp and metal free suede with organic cotton laces.

We also love that when you go to Ocean Minded’s home page the first thing they do is give you the skinny on cleaning up the environment, rather than showing the flashy product. Our favorite part of their spiel: “We encourage you to pick up 10 pieces of trash the next time you head out to your favorite place, whether it’s the beach, lake, or mountains. That place will then be that much nicer for the next person who comes to use it.”

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