Obama Girls Go Budget in J.Crew

Our budget fashion love affair with the Obamas continues, as first daughters Malia and Sasha were decked out for the Inauguration ceremony in cute (though specially designed) J.Crew Crewcut coats. While the coats are “currently not available” according to an announcement on the J.Crew website, the “currently” makes us think that they won’t waste much time in at least cranking out similar coats in the near future, which will surely be a hot commodity among White House-aspiring little fashionistas everywhere.

And while we do realize that J.Crew’s prices—which can easily hit over a hundred buck for a child’s coat—may not be the most budget-friendly around, they’re certainly well below the kind of designer duds the Obamas could have selected, which is why they still get big TBF props . . .

image courtesy of the New York Daily News

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  1. Budget Babe says

    I agree, I think they looked absolutely adorable and age-appropriately chic. Michelle looked ravishing in her Jason Wu gown! And props to her for selecting Isabel Toledo to design her Inauguration ensemble.

  2. Target-Addict says

    Actually, the J. Crew coats won’t be available anytime soon.  The Today Show reported this morning that J. Crew stated they’d be made available this Fall.

  3. Biatchi says

    These girls are too cute! They look prim and proper, without being overly fussy. They are just girls after all! The fashions were very appropriate for the event. I am also proud of the Obamas for choosing the “less costly” J Crew. They could have really gone overboard on the girls. Kudos to them!

  4. lulu2 says

    I ADORE these girls – they could have shown up in bathrobes for all I cared !  Though they DID look sooooooo adorable and appropriate and sunny !

    With much respect Kathryn, you use the very same argument here that you dismissed from Angela when she said the same thing about the Britney Spears’ coat : not really budget but way below what she could have paid. For some people, J.Crew is very expensive, considering the average family of four earns about $52K – though for such a special occasion, maybe the average family would have splurged ( we would have). And almost no one would have had J. Crew custom design an outfit for their child.

    So I think this is more of an inspiration to be contemplated than admiration of of their “budget” consciousness. The spirit is definitely to be emulated.

    (Though I do greatly admire the Obama’s for realizing that dressing children in Dolce and Gabana is really over the top – they are children )

  5. says

    lulu2- This is definitely a not-really-budget-but could-have-spent- more sort of thing. However, I do remember when I was growing my mom taking my brother and I to Gimbels for our Easter clothes. These clothes weren’t cheap, in fact they were pretty pricey and my family was very blue collar, but it was such a special occasion, that my mom would spend the money

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