New York City Fashion Week Spring 2009: Ralph Lauren

What: Ralph Lauren Runway Show, New York City Fashion Week Spring 09

The Lowdown: With all the fedoras, khaki, olive, and safari/expedition flavor, we think it’s possible that Indiana Jones had a hand in the latest collection from Ralph Lauren, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. And actually, there’s plenty more to be had here—shimmery gold, flowy dresses, satiny shine—so that the collection is probably one of the most cohesive we’ve seen. It’s gloriously retro, elegantly throw-back, and blends menswear-inspired styling and ultra-womanly gowns into one seamless vision. This week, it seems that collections have been either all about the color, or all about the pure neutral palette—and Lauren has opted for the latter. It’s the perfect choice, however, letting the garments themselves stand out.  Our only complaints? The MC Hammer-inspired pants we’d rather forget, and all those crazy turbans . . .

Budget Solution: We love any excuse to wear a cool hat, so take inspiration and pick up a fedora (like this one from ArdenB), and create a long lean silouette that includes a little shine (with something like this layered-look sweater/blouse from Spiegel).

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