New York Fashion Week: All Good Things Must Come to an End: Day Eight at Fashion Week


It’s the end of NYC fashion week. No more shows. No more parties. No more Robert Verdi goodie bags. Oh well. Fashion week is sort of like going on a vacation—it’s fun, but you really can’t wait to get home.

Some of the shows . . .  Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren, Derek Lam, and Puffy’s new BFF (best friend forever), Zac Posen.

The week ended with the J.Lo show, which was this big, MTV production filled with clothing you can get at Macy’s. The theme was the three stages of J.Lo’s life—Jenny from the block, young star, and the red carpet. The set-up was so confusing (the normally straight runways criss-crossed through out the crowd) that the models often walked the wrong way and there were several near collisions. While the celebs, editors and others lucky enough to score an invite to the show gave J.Lo a standing ovation (obviously there were still confused by the runway), the folks outside in the lobby area of the tent booed Jen so loud that it could be heard all the way in the Bronx.

Andre vs. Kimona: So as I was waiting for my date for the Gustavo Arango show (front row again, I must be living right), I ran into a very well connected insider which a knack for fabulous jewelry. After the obligatory air kisses, we chatted a moment about the week, including the topic on everyone’s tongue- the feud between Vogue Editor-at-Large Andre Leon Talley and Baby Phat head Kimona Lee Simmons.

According to this insider, Andre’s lack of invite was no mistake. Apparently Mrs. Simmons was running very late to a previous Baby Phat show. Irritated fashion editors (as if there are any other type of fashion editors) started to leave the show and in an effort to preserve the show, Andre, a big Baby Phat supporter, told the stage managers to start the show without her. Mrs. Simmons didn’t take very lightly to that and ever since then the feud has been on.

Of course, I take the side of Andre, because frankly Baby Phat’s clothing reminds of something “Shenene” (the she-male, loud mouth character played by Martin Lawrence on his self titled TV show) would wear to a family picnic. Kimona, yes you are tall and your husband is the godfather of hip-hop, but please, get over yourself.

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