Spring 2006 New York Fashion Week:  Nicole Richie Stoled My Fashion Mojo


I think I’ve lost my fashion mojo.

It’s really difficult to feel inspired by a $1500 pair of khaki shorts, when there’s so much going on in the world. It’s even more difficult to feel inspired, when you over hear celebrities saying truly stupid comments like “(Hurricane) Katrina has really impacted me. Like, I decided to wait to buy another Paddington bag (retail value: $1500 plus).”

In fact, the one thing I learned during New York’s Spring 2006 Fashion Week, other than fashion editors can survive anything—merges, resignations, and falling lights—is that most (not all) celebrities are really stupid people with no sense of self. I know it sounds judgmental, but it’s true.  I mean, Kelly Osbourne (yep, Ozzie and Sharon’s little girl) keeping a straight face, while calling herself a “designer”. Nicole Richie, getting tons of press for looking like an anorexic spoon. And the legendary Stevie Wonder’s wife getting tons of press for her so-so line because her husband is the legendary Stevie Wonder. It’s enough to make Coco Chanel rise from the dead.

Enough of my rants. So here’s some trends I’ve observed for Spring 2006 . . .

1. Khaki “capshorts”. I coined the term “capshorts” (slightly longer than Bermudas, but slightly shorter than capris) after seeing show after show of models wearing knee length shorts with a slight flare. The best part about this trend is that the shorts/pants/dresses, etc were cuffed right at the knee—the most flattering length for most women.

2. Cherry Red. Cherry red is going to be everywhere next Spring. Folks will be wearing it with the knee length khaki’s above.

3. Cream. Lots and Lots of cream colored clothing on the runways. Reminded me of the color of my college dorm room walls.

4. Jersey Girls. The figure hugging fabric is back. Those of us with a extra “junk-in-our-trunk” should look for a slightly heavier versions of the fabric.

5. Trench Coats. Trench coats continue to have a strong presence on the runways.

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  1. mimi45 says

    You are so right… These celebs live in a totally different world than us “normal” folks. I don’t understand why people read all of their magazines

  2. Rufina says

    In the wake of Katrina that shook the country and us normal people I have realized that celebrities except for some who have a lot of heart, do not really give a damn. I read that Britney Spears offered her prayers to the victims, but I think it would be better if she donated some of the money that she made selling her CDs to teenagers to the cause, that might have been useful and plus would show her fans that there are things in the world that are more important than the latest version of a status bag and “Chaotic”
    That is just one of them, I am sure if we go down the list of celebs who truly felt they needed to do something there will be far and few in between

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