New York Fashion Week: Top Ten Trends for Fall 2005


1. Hot Dog Colors. Ketchup Red, Mustard Yellow, Relish Green, Onion White, and Hot Dog Brown seems to be big colors for Fall.

2. Brocade. Schedule a date with your curtains. This look is best with metallic accents in the fabric. I saw a great brocade jacket, reminisce of something from Tracy Reese, on sale at Lord & Taylor for $50.00

3. Ethnic Look. As someone who is of an ethnic group, I find this trend a little annoying. Dashikis are really not for everyone. Imagine if a whole bunch of size 2 fashionista’s walking down your street wearing Dior Yarmulkes. You get the picture. However, if you are going to go for this look, please, don’t get braided extensions.

4. High/Low Fabric. Mix higher, more expensive fabrics like silk, brocade, cashmere, with study, cheaper fabrics like canvas and wools. Keep the polyester hidden.

5. Fur. Fashion Week was a zoo, literally. Fur was everywhere and on everything. I say score a coat from your local Salvation Army and save an animal.

6. Hollywood Glam. Glam is back. Think Claudette Colbert, Kathryn Hepburn, Rita Hayward.

7. Dinner/Evening Coats. You could hear the shouts of joy coming from my third row seats every time I saw this piece on the runway. Perfect for fashionista with junk in their trunk.

8. Flowing Menswear Pants. Another one of my favorites. Buy a pair in black, for a slimming/elongated look.

9. Boho Glam (a.k.a.“look-ma-I’m-a-druggie”). This look continues to strive on the runway. Perfect for those days when matching colors and patterns seem too daunting.

10. House Dresses. I will probably be excommunicated from the church of fashion for saying this, but I saw a lot of high end house dresses on the runway this past fashion week. You know, the kind that June Cleaver and Donna Reed rocked back in the day.  Head to ebay or your local Goodwill and score this style for under $10 bucks.

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