New York Fashion Week Fall 2005: Hot Dogs Inspire Fashion—Day Six at Fashion Week

It is day six at fashion week and I’ve had enough Splenda cupcakes to ensure the development of some sort of strange cancer only present in lab mice.

Trends: I can’t help but to wonder if hot dogs are the major inspiration behind this fall’s color scheme. The color trend seems to definitely be towards mustard, brown and ketchup-colored clothing.  Somewhere in NYC, there is a hot vendor who is a creative consultant to Marc Jacobs.

So there were tons of shows from the past two days—including two of my favorites—Marc by Marc Jacob(geared towards younger, less rich people like me) and Narcisco Rodriguez, the “look-I’m a socialite-with-lots-of-celebrity-friends” Tara Subkoff & her Initiation of Christ label, and editorial fav Matthew Williamson.

The best show, in my humble opinion, was Monqiue Lhuillier who is the go-to-girl for celeb red carpet fabulousness. Also known for her wedding dresses (I used one of her dresses as an inspiration for my own wedding dress), her Fall/Winter 2005 collection featured a splendid mixture of silk and lace, in, of course, bright mustard, brown and ketchup.

Following up on yesterday’s posting regarding how to get into NYC fashion shows and how arbitrary the whole system is, read this tidbit from Fashion Week’s Official Newspaper, The Daily:

At Kimora’s Baby Phat show, PR flacks turned editors away at the door—including Andre Leon Talley, dressed in a velour tracksuit and a furry Louis Vuitton scarf, citing fire hazards. Yet, when Usher arrived with entourage in tow, he was immediately ushered to the front row. A peeved Andre told The Daily: I’m going to have words with Kimora. It’s fine if you want to go to the after-party, but the fashion show is for the press. The bling has gone too far.” Earlier in the day, Andre sat in Section A, Row 3, Seat 15 at Tracy Reese, while the rest of the Vogue gang sat front row, a request he apparently had made. We asked why: “It’s all about a frame of mind, it calms me down,” says Vogue’s guru.

Now I like to think that I’m cool, but there is no way in hell I should have better seats than Mr. Talley. This is the guy that taught Anna Wintour the ropes. Granted, he has requested third row seats because the front row seating is made for people who consider water a complete meal, but not to even get into the tacky Baby Phat show—major booboo by the PR firm. There are not many people I would give up my seat for, but you Mr. Talley, I would not only give up my seat, but also give you Robert Verdi’s goodie bag.


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