Wool and Splenda: Day Two at New York City Fashion Week

It’s Day Two of fashion week and I already feel like staying home and watching reruns of “Desperate Housewives”. Although I love the folks on Wisteria Lane, I love fashion just a little bit more.

Today has been interesting . . . the most interesting part is that I had better seats than Nigel Barker, the photographer from America’s Next Top Model, at the Richard Chai Show. Another high point was stealing Robert Verdi‘s left over goodie bag at a show, which had all sorts of goodies that those of us sitting in the 3rd row never get—like a bottle of Eco Domani Pinot Grino. Thanks Robert. I put the wine and other goodies in my trusted free fashion week bag provided by the folks at We network. I decided to skip the free drinks at the Bermuda Tourism Booth and stuff my face with free cupcakes from the folks at Splenda and washed it down with my 3rd free bottle of Perrier. By 5 p.m. I was so tired that I sent Melanie along to the star studded Zang Toi show and after party with instructions to wink at Simon Doonan from Barney’s and steal another goodie bag intended for Robert Verdi.

So here are my notes from day two of NYC fashion week.

Day 2 at NYC Fashion Week

Fall 2005 Fashion Muse—Kathryn Hepburn. When putting together your look for fall, ask yourself “Would Kate wear this?” Combine menswear chic with feminine silks. Pants are wide-legged and flowing (thank god!) in heavy tweeds, grey plaids, and boiled wool. Sort of like a very tailored approach to sailor pants.

Brown—Chocolate brown is definitely the new black. Brown is everywhere on the runaway, from the fabulous furs of the NAFA to beautiful dresses of Richard Tyler to the boiled wool pants of Richard Chai. It is going to be interesting to see how many New Yorkers successfully make the transition to brown.

Cream—there is so much cream on the runway, at one point during the Richard Chai show I wanted to run out and get a cone from Dairy Queen.

Fur—Fur, Fur, Fur. Fur is very “in” for the fall. I almost fell off my chair at the NAFA show (not to be confused with NAFTA), which featured incredible furs from some of Canada’s top designers. PETA get ready for battle.

Muted colors—The colors for Fall 2005 center on more muted colors. Think mustard yellow and forest green together with the new black, chocolate brown. Personally, I am going to miss last season’s rich, jeweled colors—emerald greens matched with amethyst purple.

Brocade—Yep, your grandma’s curtains is the hottest thing on the runway. Everyone is using brocade, some with a little metallic twist, for coats, pants, and even dresses. If you or your grandma can sew, pull down the curtains and get ready for fall.

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