Nursery Shopping: Budget Gardening Tip

Shopping at a nursery can be intimidating for the uninitiated. With seemingly miles of plants, including species of annuals and perennials you’ve must likely never even heard of, much less laid eyes on, it can be overwhelming.

With fall around the corner, now is the best time to get good deals on plants, shrubs and trees.

Following are some tips to successful nursery shopping – on a budget.

~ Think about what you really need. Do you need a space filler for your front flower bed, or a whole new garden design? Think ahead of time about what you need, making a list if necessary, and stick to that list. Also be sure to pay attention to plant labels and buy plants, shrubs, or trees that will work in the lighting and grow zones you have to work with.

~ Consider the day and time you shop. Weekends are the most busy for nurseries, especially in mid-summer. Shop on a Thursday and you’ll get the best selection – before the weekend rush.

~ Look for specials. Yup, nuseries have sales too. Buy-one-get-one-free and other discounts can be quite beneficial, and also look for end-of-season sales and specials.

~ Don’t over-buy. Some plants will fill in and get larger over time, and others can be propogated (meaning that you can get many more for that one plant you purchased). Also watch for two-fers, or plants where you actually get more than one in one pot.

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