Norma Kamali Suits on a Budget

No one knows budget better than teachers—seriously, dressing professionally on a teacher’s salary? It’s a challenge. Fortunately, Norma Kamali —who we just keep finding new reasons to love—is on it. Apparently public schools are her pet cause, and with teachers in mind she’s designed suiting separates that are, er, suitable for teachers, and any other budget-conscious professional woman for that matter. We’re talking serious budget—just $20 for a jacket, and skirt or pants for $15 each. Where, you ask? Wal-Mart. Don’t shoot us. We’re just the messengers.

The current selections are sold out in stores but can still be picked up online, and new pieces will be available seasonally.

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  1. EmilyKennedy says

    Gah!  I was just Walmart’s website last week and about half the items that I wanted to get said “Not Available Online”.  I can’t stand it when a site does that!  It’s so tantalizing and then so disappointing!

  2. Target-Addict says

    I thought I read just the opposite on another fashion blog: that you should shop the stores for the best selection of suit separates because most of the pieces were sold out online.

  3. Shopsista says

    I never have luck online with them either, and this is with ordering something as simple as t-shirts.

    In this economy, they should bump up their inventory.

  4. says

    @Target-Addict: I’ve spoken quite a bit with the Norma K folks and it seems like it was rolled our very conservatively at first at few select stores to test the market, but they had planned on pushing it a bit more online because it is easier to control inventory if it did not work.

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