Nordstrom Makes it’s New York City Debut

What: New York “Shoe-whores” finally get one of their wishes. Nordstrom Rack opens it’s doors today in the Union Square section of Manhattan.

According to the Wall Street Journal: The retailer’s Nordstrom Rack is in the heart of Union Square, a bit of a compromise by the upper-end retailer that would have preferred that its first store in the city be a full-fledged Nordstrom. “Ideally we would have led with a full-line store,” said Blake Nordstrom, the chain’s president. The Rack takes up 32,000-square-feet in the basement of a former Virgin Megastore. As an outlet, the Rack carries a more limited variety of merchandise that includes clearance from Nordstrom’s own stores and products from name-brand suppliers like Marc Jacobs. Sales will be up to 60% off regular Nordstom prices.

What We Say: Since there is a Nordstrom Rack in Long Island and there are other discount stores like Filene’s and Loehmann’s in the same area, we don’t think New Yorkers will be overly excited about the new store. However, a new place to shop for bargains is always exciting. We suspect that there will be a few New Yorkers who will be late for work or taking a long lunch just to get a peek at what the Nordstrom Rack has to offer. It would be wise for them to have extra security in the shoe department because that’s where all the women will probably be.

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  1. says

    I think that New Yorkers will be so excited by what the rack has to offer. The quality of good there has been, in my expereience, superior to Filene’s and Loehmann’s.

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