Wedding Dress Picks: Who Did It Better?  TBF or Reader?

Reader Teresa wasn’t happy with our picks for Non-traditional wedding dresses to scare your mother, so we challenged her to come up with her own picks. While we love the floral dress from Newport news- we’re not big fans of the other picks which may look good online, but don’t look good in person (would you really wear this dress to your wedding dress? Check it out in at your Target to see what I mean).

So who do you think had the better picks? TBF or Teresa?

(Thanks Teresa for submitting your ideas)

Teresa’s Picks

Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

1. Sleeveless Lace Sheath Dress, $49 at
2. Retro-Inspired Strapless Dress, $49 at
3. Floral Shoulder Sheen Dress, $27.80 at Forever21

Non-traditional wedding dresses

4. Multi Tiered Dress, $36 at Forever21
5. Women’s Plus-Size Merona® Violet Short-Sleeve Wrap Dress, $39.99 at Target
6. Women’s Plus-Size Merona® Kelly Green Sleeveless Dress, $24.99 – $35.99 at Target
7. Merona® Collection Strapless Party Dress – French Cream $39.99 at Target

Our Picks

Non-traditional wedding dresses

1. Asos Ruch Front Cotton Maxi Dress, $43.96 at
2. Asos Open Back Side Split Maxi Crepe Dress, $60.87 at
3. Crochet Web Knit Dress, on sale for $49.00 at

Non-traditional wedding dresses

4. ASOS Dobby Mesh Panel Dress in Red, $43.96 at
5. Charm Trim Lurex Linen Jumpsuit, $49.00 at