Wedding Dress Picks: Who Did It Better? TBF or Reader?

Reader Teresa wasn’t happy with our picks for Non-traditional wedding dresses to scare your mother, so we challenged her to come up with her own picks. While we love the floral dress from Newport news- we’re not big fans of the other picks which may look good online, but don’t look good in person (would you really wear this dress to your wedding dress? Check it out in at your Target to see what I mean).

So who do you think had the better picks? TBF or Teresa?

(Thanks Teresa for submitting your ideas)

Teresa’s Picks

Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

1. Sleeveless Lace Sheath Dress, $49 at
2. Retro-Inspired Strapless Dress, $49 at
3. Floral Shoulder Sheen Dress, $27.80 at Forever21

Non-traditional wedding dresses

4. Multi Tiered Dress, $36 at Forever21
5. Women’s Plus-Size Merona® Violet Short-Sleeve Wrap Dress, $39.99 at Target
6. Women’s Plus-Size Merona® Kelly Green Sleeveless Dress, $24.99 – $35.99 at Target
7. Merona® Collection Strapless Party Dress – French Cream $39.99 at Target

Our Picks

Non-traditional wedding dresses

1. Asos Ruch Front Cotton Maxi Dress, $43.96 at
2. Asos Open Back Side Split Maxi Crepe Dress, $60.87 at
3. Crochet Web Knit Dress, on sale for $49.00 at

Non-traditional wedding dresses

4. ASOS Dobby Mesh Panel Dress in Red, $43.96 at
5. Charm Trim Lurex Linen Jumpsuit, $49.00 at

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  1. Sarah says

    Sorry, the reader did it better. Her looks are fresh and fun without being too over-the-top. I did think it was a little strange that instead of accepting or ignoring her criticism, she was challenged to do what professional bloggers are supposed to do… But I do love this site and the majority of articles on it. Generally great advice. Just in this case, I have to go with Teresa.

    • says

      Are you serious? Have you seen what these items look like in person? You would really wear a green polyester dress as your wedding dress?

      Some of the picks are cute- but seriously…

    • says

      Also, I am not sure why you would find it strange for us to offer a challenge to a reader. Actually, the reason why I did was because she said she could do it better, and some of her picks are great. Now readers have 12, instead of 6, options for non-traditional wedding dresses which is great. The more options for readers the better.

      Plus people think it’s super easy to do what we do. We actually go to the press previews for these lines- so we know what looks good in person and what looks good online aren’t the same thing.

      For example- the green dress from Target is made from a cotton/polyester like jersey which is extremely causal and not all that flattering, in person. Newport News products can be very iffy in terms of quality (so we have to be very selective in what we choose from that line). The same with F21. Usually the colored satin items can be a bit cheap looking.

  2. ieatbugs says

    The reader did it way better. The looks you picked are unwearable for 95% of the population, or those of us who aren’t 5’9″ size 0 models.

    • says

      @iteabugs- Not true the red dress and the black dress BOTH come in plus sizes up to size 22 US/26 UK. Newport News only goes up to size 18 and the cut is slim- so more like a size 14/16.

      The idea is non-traditional wedding dresses- which would mean 95% of those getting married would probably NOT option to wear them.

  3. Tessa says

    I think it’s awesome that Theresa stood firm on her own opinion, I totally respect that, but I think Kathryn’s picks were more cohesive to the entire event of a non-traditional wedding. In Kathryn’s picks I can see a “midnight ceremony” wedding dress, a casual beach wedding dress, a court house wedding dress, and wedding pantsuit that goes against gender expectations. In the majority of Theresa’s picks I don’t see that same kind of thought process.

    One of the most important “criteria” for my own wedding dress was how well it would photograph. In the process it really made me understand how some clothes can look great on a rack or on a person, but that still doesn’t mean it will photograph well on camera.

    Good job to both ladies! And hooray for those brave enough to strike out and have a non-traditional wedding dress!

    • says

      @Tessa- Yes… Theresa has some cute picks- but they don’t really fit the theme of the post. For example- which ones of her dresses would work for beach.

    • says

      I also want to make sure we realize that there’s nothing wrong with women who wear a size 0, 00, or who are tall. As long as they’re healthy and happy.

      TBF is for ALL women and I want to make sure readers understand that.

  4. April says

    I am torn as to who really did it better. I think it all depends on the type of wedding that you are having. While I do like the shapes of Teresa’s dresses a little more, with the exception of the laced one, they just don’t seem very wedding-ish to me. They all see rather forgettable.

  5. ieatbugs says

    @Kathryn just because they make them in large sizes doesn’t mean someone of those sizes would wear them. I’m a size 12 and I couldn’t wear a single one of your picks, but all of Teresa’s picks are wearable for me (and for people who don’t share my body type)

  6. June says

    I bought my non-traditional wedding dress last night (if you want to see it: It’s definitely hard to find something on a budget, especially when most non-traditional dresses can appear too bridesmaid, too cocktail party or too cheap.

    Finding a dress for $50 or less is really a challenge. I applaud both sets of selections, but when it comes down to it, TBF did a better job of finding dresses that would work for different times of day and locations.

  7. June says

    Kathryn — If you copy and paste the link into the browser instead of clicking on it, it works :) Sorry about that!

  8. lisa says

    @ieatbugs-oh please, there is nothing wrong with having a small frame or being tall. why can’t you ask for stlyes that would fit someone your size without disparaging other women? you sound SO insecure.

    anyway, i liked both tbf and the reader’s picks. more choices are always better.

  9. Jennifer says

    Kathryn’s choices fit the bill much better for my preferences. Not a fan of the jump suit but that’s just me. I’m plus size and all the other picks would work just fine here. Glad that the reader sent in her picks – however ladies keep in mind these are suggestions for style, design and simply ideas. You can go slightly more expensive if your creative or even cheaper I’m sure. Nothing is precise anymore. Go online and spend some time and if you like one thing but not another, seek and you will find it ladies.

    As always – Thanks Kathryn!

  10. ieatbugs says

    How was I disparaging to tall women or ones with small frames? Because I claimed they weren’t the majority of the population? Uh, okay.

  11. df says

    my son is getting married in one month on the beach, i need a fashion guider to point out what is beautiful and sexy for a 55 year old mother should wear. i dont want to look like an old woman please help me feel” great”!!

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