No More Free Shipping?


The Good: A recent report by Forrester Research for the National Retail Federation trade group showed that online spending will rise 17% in 2008.

The Bad: From the New York Times: “While 85 percent of online retailers said they used some shipping incentive in the past year, just 35 percent said they would focus more on these types of deals in 2008.”

The Ugly:The number of wealthy online shoppers has increased, so retailers don’t need penny pinchers anymore.  So, instead of those great free shipping coupons,  they’re going to advertise on social networking sites like myspace and facebook. Oh, great.

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  1. JudyO says

    Just MORE good news to add to our current woes!  I was hoping that FREE SHIPPING would become MORE not LESS prevalent now that our economy is tanking.  I guess that was wishful thinking.  Sigh…  Shipping costs are SOO profit driven and if you have to exchange something…oy vey!

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