Nine West Sale: It’s Fall, So It’s Time to Start Shopping For Spring

The Deal: Shop the Nine West End of Season Summer Sale

The Lowdown: Yes, it’s fall and yes, you should be buying practical messy-weather-resistant footwear. That being said, a good budget fashionista knows an opportunity to save ahead for next year when she sees it, and all those end of summer sales are just the time. We’re taking a pass on the cuffed, embellished gladiator sandals (okay, so they could still be in style next year, but we’re going to play it safe), and instead are opting to pick up some sexy fun strappy sandals. It’s been our experience that sexy fun strappy sandals are always at least marginally in style in the right setting and with the right attitude, and assuming we get a sweet deal AND free shipping having a pair in reserve for next spring (or better yet, for that mid-winter vacation!) just makes sense.

Shop: Nine West

Our Picks:

Nine West

1. Inquisat, $49.99
2. Consuela, $39.99
3. Jemmia, $39.99

Nine West

4. Boonkers, $39.99
5. JimmyDee, $24.99

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