Nine West Sale at Zappos

The Deal: Nine West shoes on sale at Zappos

The Lowdown: Since it appears that we’re not on a champagne budget this year (again) we’re thinking those Louboutins will have to wait (again) — but we’re still craving fabulous footwear to get 2011 off on the right, er, foot.

No, we are not comparing Nine West to high-end designer works of foot-torturing but oh-so-beautiful art. We are, however, suggesting that our footwear can still be sexy, standout, fabulous for less — which is where Nine West comes in. And Zappos. Because, while Nine West shoes (which we kind of adore) can still be just slightly above our preferred budget pricepoints, when you buy them from somewhere like Zappos you’ll find discounts sizable enough to make it work. And we are ALL about makin’ it work.

Shop: Nine West at

1. Nine West Escher, on sale $56.02

2. Nine West Audrey, on sale $56.02

3. Nine West Bow, on sale $60.25

4. Nine West Hereiam, on sale $62.27

5. Nine West Divara, on sale $90.27

6. Nine West Donley, on sale $90.27

7. Nine West Rocha, on sale $56.02

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