Night Table Essentials: Entertaining on a Budget

Ever spend the night at a hotel and end up not being able to find an essential item you needed? Budget hotels are especially notorious for cutting corners, meaning there might not even be a cup in the bathroom to use if you need a sip of water.

If you’re having overnight guests, you can make them feel extra welcome by providing a basket in the bathroom or guest room with some essentials. You might also want to place a few special items on the night table, such as the following.

Books. A book of short stories is a nice touch and an easy nighttime read, or choose a novel that you think your guests might enjoy.

Reading lamp. Whether your guests are readers or not, a small reading lamp is nice for when you need a little light at the side of the bed.

Water and pitcher. Handy for those late-night drinks of water, a pitcher of water and a glass or two are essentials for a night table.

Clock with alarm. For early risers, or just to let your guests keep track of time, no night table should be without a clock. Place an antique clock on the table for a pretty touch.

Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn

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