Nicole Richie’s New Label Promising

What: Just because 99% of celebrity fashion lines are crap (or have nothing to do with said celebrity), doesn’t mean we should rule them out entirely. Nicole Richie is no newcomer to the concept – she’s done accessories and maternity wear – and she’s taking it up a notch with her new label, Winter Kate – inspired by everything from her baby daughter to her love of peacocks. Silky materials, and not-so-typical apparel items like bed jackets, will play an important role in the line, which will debut this spring. Price points range from $35 to $100.

What They Say:

“I purposely made the slip dresses in both solids and prints,” Richie said. “Wear the prints by themselves or with a great vest or jacket and wear the solids as basics to an outfit with many layers.”

What We Say: We’re not sure why we have such high hopes for Richie’s label – could be the way she naturally talks about it, or could be just that it sounds interesting. Regardless, the line will launch at a bunch of department stores, including Saks, Bloomingdale’s, and Nordstrom, so we’ll all get a chance to check it out.