Nicole Miller at JC Penney: The Debate Continues

Man, you guys have raked me over the coals about my distaste for the Nicole Miller line at JC Penneys. I stick to my original statement—that the Nicole Miller line at JC Penney is subpar. For all of you who don’t agree with me, head to your nearest JC Penney or visit the collection online at Then head to a local Nicole Miller Boutique or view her Spring/Summer collection online at In fact, take a moment to view the two lines right now.

Now you see what I’m staying . . .


I’ve shopped at Nicole Miller boutiques. I’ve spent many hours in JC Penneys. I’m all for JC Penney moving up in the retail world because it gives me another place to shop. However, I’m really tired of designers putting their names on clearly inferior products to lure celeb focused—brand obsessed consumers into spending money on subpar products. Is Nicole even involved in the designing of this line? I doubt it. If so, then she has such a low opinion of JC Penney shoppers (thus a low opinion of me) that I will stop shopping for my clients at her boutique.

As for consumers, buying a designers budget friendly line just because of the name isn’t cool either. Not only do you waste money, but it puts you only slightly higher than the people wear fake Louis Vuitton bags on the shopping food chain.

P.S. On the news of Sephora @ JC Penney’s—history shows that designer brands don’t always fare well at Penneys. In the late 1970s, Halston (the disco designer) tried a budget friendly line at the store and it failed miserably. In fact, it failed so bad that Bergdorf (or was it Barney’s?) stopped carrying the higher priced line.

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