News Alert: Victoria’s Secret Collegiate Lingerie

What: Victoria’s Secret is launching a nine-piece collection with the Pink brand’s style and 33 names and logos of universities, according to WWD. The collection will include lounge wear, hoodies, panties and other items. Head to the website June 20 or the stores July 1 to purchase.

What We Say: Pink is a brand marketed to younger women out there, with less lace and satin and more cotton and bright colors. Their sweatshirts and PJ pants are very comfortable for all ages, though. Appealing to college students, who don’t have as many expenses as an older woman with family, is a good move for VS. Anyone can feel pride in their alma mater though—Victoria’s Secret is now allowing you to do that in the bedroom and on the backside of your sweatpants.

Pictured: An example of Pink’s apparel.

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