News Alert: Topshop Coming to America

What: Topshop, one of Great Britain’s most popular and trendiest clothing stores, is finally coming to America. Those of you in Manhattan may have seen the signs going up—the store opens in October. But for those outside of the city who must wait for Topshops to spread across the country, fear not—the U.S. website launches in September, according to People.

What We Say: We’re counting down the days. Instead of stocking up on Topshop gear on every trip abroad, Topshop is finally coming to us. Kate Moss designs for them, and we look forward to seeing what that fashion icon creates. Most items are below 100 bucks, but beware—Topshop’s founder, Sir Philip Green, likes to stick to full price. You won’t be seeing many sales here, according to WWD. British style will be worn by Americans, and seeing the results will be very interesting.


Pictured: Some of Topshop’s pieces.

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