New Products from Sonia Kashuk for Target

What: One of our favorite makeup artists, Sonia Kashuk, designs cosmetics and beauty products for our dear reliable Target. Her 2008 holiday collection is debuting soon, and it’s full of gilded brush cases, eyeshadow palettes, cosmetic cases, and a gold hair brush, all for affordable prices.

The Lowdown: We’re not sure we can wait till the holidays to do our shopping with these adorable-sounding tool kits. The Glamified Brush Set ($21.99) is one part gold and silver evening purse and three parts brush case. We already know that Sonia Kashuk’s beauty tools are the best buy for our budgets. Armed with the seven brushes, we’ll apply our blush, shimmer powder, eyeshadow and more correctly instead of using one generic brush. Another product we’re going to purchase for friends, family and ourselves is the Showstopper Eye Shimmer Set ($16.99): once again packaged in blingy gold, it holds three new eyeshadow colors—a shimmery white, a glamorous gold and asphalt. If you’re looking for a miniature brush set, check out the Tooled Over Purse Set for $14.99. The one item we’re not so excited about, though, is the Golden Locks Hair Brush. Target, you let us down a bit—$17.99 for a hair brush, albeit a gold one, is a bit too much for our budget sensibilities . . .


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