News Alert: Mariah Carey’s Fragrance

What: Mariah Carey, fresh from her new album and shotgun marriage, has created a new perfume that reflects her rollercoaster life, according to WWD. It’s called Luscious Pink and it’s released by Elizabeth Arden, the same company who released her first perfume, M. The scent is floral, and according to the diva herself, it’s “feminine, flirtatious, and fun.” Luscious Pink will be released in August in major department stores, so watch out for it.

What We Say: We hope the scent is like the bottle—sweet, delicate and pretty. Carey’s signature butterfly adorns the top, and like a butterfly, perfumes shouldn’t be heavy and cloying. Luscious Pink is a good option for a light, affordable perfume from a well-known and trusted company like Elizabeth Arden. The largest bottle will be sold for $65.

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