News Alert: H&M Expanding in the South

What: H&M recently opened its first full-concept store in the Southeast, according to WWD. It’s located in the Atlantic Center in Atlanta, GA. There’s two floors of women’s,men’s, children’s, accessories, lingerie and swimwear. It’s the first store in the Southeast to boast offerings from Stella McCartney, Viktor & Rolf, and Karl Lagerfeld.

What We Say: We’re so happy that the beauty of H&M has reached the Southeast, but we’re surprised it wasn’t there already. The aisles that overflow with pieces fresh from the pages of fashion magazines. The ability to buy an entire outfit and accessories for less than 100 bucks. Designer clothes are no longer limited to NY’s Fifth Avenue.  Smaller H&M’s are already open in the Southeast, but nothing compares to their full-concept store. Hopefully, they’ll open more in different Southern states soon.

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  1. Sleepymel says

    This makes me so happy! One of the first things I did when moving to SC was check to see if there was an H+M, a DSW, and a Sephora, but there were none of any of them anywhere nearby. Atlanta’s still a bit of a drive, but maybe they’ll bring one to SC soon!

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