News Alert: $10,000 Jeans

The Word: Key Closet, an exclusive and innovative design company founded in 2006, has created the latest in sartorial decadence—a pair of jeans made of handcrafted denim, Swarovski crystals, a few diamonds, handrawn designs and white gold buttons. They cost $10,000 and will be premiered on June 26 at a fashion show in LA. Click here for the full story.

What We Say: Premium denim. We thought paying a few hundred dollars for a designer pair of jeans was not a wise purchase, but $10,000 reaches new heights of spending. The makers of the jeans surely worked hard on the jeans and used meticulous details, but studded, glimmering denim reminds us of 1998. Instead, we’re going to partake in some DIY thriftiness and buy Levi’s and a Bedazzler. Check out the jeans here.


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