Daily Deal: Newport News Sale Ends Today

The Deal: Summer dress and shoe sale at Newport News

The Lowdown:
Save up to 55% on a selection of shoes (heavy on the espadrilles) and flirty summer dresses at Newport News. Prices are quite low, with nothing over $49. Many of the dresses have a distinct “lolling about in my cabana” vibe,  but there are a few more polished pieces as well—the dress on the left, for instance.

Buy It: Today until midnight, via this link


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  1. says

    I’ve only ordered from them once and that was the last time. Everything I ordered was so cheap and then the sizes were NOT the actual sizez of clothing I received. I’m an extra large… ordered and extra large but even though the tags said such, I swear my stuff was like extra SMAEDIUM (between a small and medium). I was so unhappy! My mother in law who’s the size of an 8×10 piece of paper front, back and sideways loves their stuff. Needless to say she and I don’t get along all that well because of her son so I couldn’t care less when she brags about her latest junk. YEP! JUNK!!! JUNK!! JUNK!

  2. Carla says

    I cant really speak on the sizing much, but the stuff from Newport News is very poor in quality.  Strings hanging out of garmerts before they are worn and pilling after one wearing is not my idea of staying on budget.

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