• Call ahead. Stores tend to come and go quickly in Manhattan. Before you make the trip, make sure the store is still there.
  • Ship it home. The 8.25% sales tax can put a crimp in any sale you might find. Avoid the tax by having the item shipped to your home state.
  • Limit taxi use. Yes, they are bright and yellow, and riding in one is a great NYC experience. However, each little jaunt cuts into your shopping dollars. So walk whenever possible. Blocks running north-south tend to be shorter than blocks running east-west. The subway system is also fast and relatively safe.

Quick Picks


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  • anir


    Best Kept Secret in NYC- Daffy’s in Harold Square
    across from Macy’s Dept Store. Filled with mega
    designers and fab italian shoes for kids!! Its a hunt at times, but so worth the Victory.

  • Tanya


    I am going to New York in May 06.  Was wondering if there were any coupons, not online ones, that I could print off and take with me from your site?

  • Clara Mathieu


    There is a new fragrance shop in Nolita which is simply amazing. Going to this shop is like rediscovering why God gave us a nose… to smell Le Labo perfumes.

  • Danielle Zanetti


    Hi, I’m form Brazil and gioing to NY next month…Where can I find a Manolo Blahnik sale or outlet???

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